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Gary Housley
Judy White & hubby Gazette Story
Bieroc May 2007
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North Ward Kindergarten  1952

Bieroc Cafe Jan. 02 & 03
East Ward 6th Grade 1959   
St. Pat's Class of 1962 
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Judy White and hubby John
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Connie's "Eternal Gift"
George Huff's Big Catch
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 Music from Our Time
Warren Jones and family
Denny Drain at Bieroc
Gary Ginther and Bull
At Ernie's Home in Oct.
MJ and Family in 2002
 Sheila Zicafoose Frey
 Kirby Harmon plus two
Father Tom Ozanne
Phil & Colleen Folding newsletter
Gary and Warren 10/31/03

Bison newsletter folding 0ct 2003

Batty's Boys and Grand daughter

Jay and Lynn - Aug. 2003

Susie Hutt & her grandkids
John & Jacque Paul - Nov. 2003
Roger Thomsen - Dec. 2003
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2004 video clip of Pep Band This clip is 3.5 mb so it will take a while to open.

Here is a great site with 50s tunes and other memories.

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Ed Celebrating his 64th birthday at the Bieroc 12/31/2010
The big year to feel like this Beatles song is ours.


Ed telling a cat story at the Bieroc Cafe Dec. 3rd 2010


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